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1 Optimize your bids and
daily budget by AI

Once you have your campaigns and targeting, all you need to do is adjust your bids and daily budgets. Commerce Flow's proprietary AI constantly calculates the optimal bids and daily budgets, and continues to improve 365 days a year to ensure that you meet your budget and effectiveness goals.

You can use this service even if you have a small budget or a small number of orders.

2 Control daily budget and bids
for every timeslots

This is a unique feature not supported on Amazon's Sponsored Ads management dashboard.

It possesses a distinct function where you can allocate more of the daily budget during periods with higher purchase rates and heavier traffic, allowing for adjustments in ad delivery based on the time of day.

By strategizing for specific times, such as during flash sales or promotional events, you can efficiently maximize sales.

3 Uncover effective targeting.

Just getting your campaign in optimal shape is still not enough to maximize the effectiveness of your Amazon Ads. You need to constantly search for keywords and product targeting that are effective and display your ads.

Commerce Flow will help you find keywords and product targeting with higher performance. You can display your ads right away with the click of a button. There is no need to download Amazon Ads reports and search for effective keywords and product targeting by yourself anymore.

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Boost Amazon Ad
- Affordable

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