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Amazon sponsored ads have become an essential part of Amazon's sales promotion, and Commerce Flow is the only domestically produced tool for managing Amazon sponsored ads. With AI, we maximize performance and reduce man-hours for advertising agencies that propose and operate Amazon ads.

Maximizing Sales
by Combining
Advanced AI Engine and
Sophisticated UI


Ad operation automated for Agency


AI automatically manages Amazon ads to reduce man-hours and improve the effectiveness of your ads. You set monthly target and budgets, and AI automatically manages your ads to improve their performance according to your budget.
It can also meet the demands of clients who want to advertise at times of the day when they are less likely to have the time to devote to their work, such as weekends and late nights.

Agency-specific features


We have many features for professionals who operate ads at the request of their clients on a daily basis, such as the ability to set up specification types for each keyword, the ability to set fees for each ad account, and automatic Excel report output.


Sophisticated UI/UX


Developed in collaboration with domestic ad agencies that actually operate Amazon ads, CommerceFlow is designed to be easy to use and suitable for Japanese ad agencies.

CommerceFlow has a sophisticated UI that allows quick access to various Amazon Advertising settings to understand the condition of ads. The convenience of the information visibility and filtering features are thoroughly tested to ensure that you can quickly see the data you need.

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How do I make a payment?

The method of payment is bank transfer. Bank transfer fees are to be paid by the customer.


Will you issue me an Amazon Advertising account?

We are sorry, but we do not issue these accounts. Please prepare by yourself.


What are the main features?

We offer a wide range of functions, including automatic bid adjustment and match type change by AI, as well as automatic Excel reporting.

Empower Digital Agency by AI

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